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We are all aware of the 4 cardinal directions – North, South, East and West. If we divide the zones of the house or workplace (by placing the compass in the centre), we will easily calculate, which room is in which direction/zone. When we divide the house or office into zones, we take into account ordinal or sub directions as well. These are North East, South West, North West and South East. Each direction, because of their elements, is suitable for certain activities and unsuitable for some. If the zones are not tended to properly and the right activity is not allocated to the right zone while designing the space, we feel the negative effects of the imbalanced energies in our lives. Hence it is important to understand what should each direction be used for to create an environment of prosperity.
  1. North: Zone of wealth and career, it is suitable for entrance, bedroom, living room, garden, porch, courtyard and balconies. Underground water storage is perfect here.
  2. South: Zone of fame, it’s a good zone for the master bedroom, CEO’s office, bar and even an entertainment room.
  3. West: The zone that gives you strength. It’s a good zone to have offices and cabins of fairly senior and mid level employees. Can also be used for gym equipment. Also a good location as a study or bedroom for students who are in higher classes and professional courses. Great zone for sports people as well. This zone can be used for dining space as well. The staff quarters and overhead water tanks can also be placed in the West.
  4. East: Being ruled by Sun, the life giving force, it’s a perfect zone to have the entrance here. The morning sun light brings with it a lot of good health and healing properties. That’s why it’s crucial to have windows, doors, balconies and gardens here. Living room, drawing room, family lounge, they are all suitable here.
  5. North East: It’s a zone of mental peace. Hence it is important that this area is clear of toilets, kitchen and store room. Meditation or prayer room is perfect here. A family lounge or even a yoga room can be placed here. The more clutter free this zone, the more stress-free your life.
  6. North West: A zone of helpful friends, the element here is air. Elevators, Refrigerators (an alternate zone for kitchen),  toilets, bar, guest room and even finished products that are ready to be sold can all be placed here.
  7. South West: A zone that gives us strength, it can be used for bedrooms and for seating of senior staff in the office.  Toilets can be placed towards the South of South West Zone. Try and keep this zone heavy so it is an ideal zone for placing heavy wardrobes. It can also be opted forstore rooms.
  8. South East: Zone of Venus, this zone affects the health of the residents and is a perfect zone for the kitchen or for office pantry and for all electrical equipment. Can also be used for creative activities such as art and craft and singing, dancing etc.
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Rashi Gaur
Vastu & Feng Shui Consultant

Rashi is certified in the courses of Vastu Ratna (study of Residential Vastu) and Vastu Shastra Charya (in-depth study of Commercial Vastu) from All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies. Her Feng Shui teacher, mentor and guide is the esteemed worldwide Feng Shui Expert, Madam Lillian Too, who continues to bless and guide me in my endeavors. Rashi’s forte lies in bringing together the goodness of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui together, and then blending it with Numerology to make it more specific to the client by bringing more accuracy into the cures and remedies required to fix the problems in their lives.

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