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Lighting techniques work hand in hand with light fixtures (both decorative and non-decorative) to create the right lighting strategy. Interior designer Deeksha Khatree lists out the different types of lighting fixtures that are commonly used in homes.


This kind of fixtures is suspended from the ceiling and direct light downwards, for example a kitchen island or a table. It adds to the decorative element of a given space.

2Wall scones:

Mounted to the wall surface, scones have the ability to direct light either upwards or downwards or in both the directions, adding style to the space.

3Valance lighting:

In this lighting, the fixtures can either be mounted way high on a wall, in a horizontal shield, metal, wood,on the window, etc so that light bounces in the downward and upward direction.

4Track lighting:

Here a linear cable with several adjustable heads is fixed along a track.


These decorative lightings are hung at the ceiling and suspend light towards the entryway or on a table. It brightens up the space beautifully.


The fixtures for ceiling lights contain a plastic or glass shade that hides the bulb. This lighting has been used for several decades in homes.


The fixtures for recessed lighting are installed above the ceiling and attached to the opening created in the ceiling. It sends a band of light focused towards one direction.


As the name suggests, these are mounted under the cabinets such as those in a kitchen. It mostly has a puck-shaped fixture.

9Floor lamps:

These are placed on the floor and available in different size and shapes such as short, tall, bulky and petite. It is an excellent decorative piece for every home.

10Wall grazers:

Here, lights are placed near the wall. It can also be mounted above or on the ceiling.This technique gives an excellent effect on statutes and carvings.

11Wall washers:

In this technique, lights are mounted way above the ceiling. As a result, light is washed on the wall and hides blemishes and eliminates shadows.

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