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Vastu Defects you Must Check Before Buying a Home

Vastu Defects you Must Check Before Buying a Home

Recent market surveys suggest that the demand for Vastu Shastra compliant homes has increased considerably since the last few years. For starters, a house constructed on the principles of Vastu has the potential to be a source of positive energy thereby ensuring happiness and prosperity for its residents. As a result, property developers are putting extra efforts to construct apartments as per the guidelines put forth by Vastu Shastra.

Although it is impossible for a home to be one hundred percent in accordance with the Vastu guidelines, It is important that the home buyer verifies a few aspects of the property to unearth certain Vastu defects that may have the potential to cause harm in the future.

Let us discuss some of the Vastu norms you should look out for in a property before closing a deal for the same.

a)Verify that all the corners of the house are intact and in good condition. Do not buy a house with any of its corners cut.

b)Do not purchase a property that faces towards the south-west direction as the southern direction is considered inauspicious in Vastu Shastra.

c)Vastu suggests the ideal location for the kitchen to be in the south-east or north-west corner of the house. Make sure to avoid property with kitchen in the north-east direction. Moreover, the kitchen should not be located directly above the toilet.

d)A Vastu compliant home must have staircase constructed in the clockwise direction. Moreover, verify that it is not built in the north-east direction of the house.

e)Vastu recommends constructing the bathroom in the eastern direction of the house.

f)Vastu Shastra recommends the location of the toilet to be in the northwest direction of the house.

g)The bedroom should be in the south-west direction of the house comprising of enough windows and ventilators. The windows in the bedroom ensure the flow of positive energy in the room.
How to correct Vastu Defects in homes:

It is always better to construct the home as per the guidelines of Vastu Shastra. If you are interested in purchasing an already constructed apartment, you can rectify several Vastu defects that exist in the property using mirrors, colors, pyramids and crystals. But there are certain Vastu faults that cannot be rectified without demolitions such as wrong placement of kitchen, staircase, and washrooms. Correction of such faults involves a large amount of time and money. So it always better to have an initial look at the property and check for potential Vastu defects before closing a deal.


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