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Tips for your Home’s Main Door to be Vastu Compliant

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Tips for your Home’s Main Door to be Vastu Compliant

Although it is impossible for a home to be 100 percent in accordance with the Vastu guidelines, with certain tricks and tweaks one can manage to comply with most of these guidelines. Vastu Shastra, with its easy to implement analytically inspired rules, helps you to transform your home into a source of positive energy. Directions of certain things in the home have great significance in Vastu Shastra. Today we shall discuss the importance of your home’s main door and how it can be made Vastu compliant.

Vastu For Main Door:
Vastu considers the main door to be the entry point for energy into the house. Hence, it is important for it to be able to obstruct negative energy and act as a passage for positive energy. Vastu believes main door responsible for the entry of good luck and joy in your home. Let us discuss how to make your home’s main door Vastu compliant:

Main Door Direction: 
Vastu recommends constructing the main door of the property in such a way that it faces east, west, north or north-east direction. These directions are considered auspicious in Vastu Shastra. Always make sure that the main door does not face inauspicious directions that include south, south-west, south-east or north-west directions. However, if your home’s main door is already constructed in such a way that it points towards the south or south-west direction, then, you can correct this vastu defect using the lead metal pyramid. Vastu defect arising due to the door pointing in the north-west direction can be corrected using a brass pyramid or a brass helix.

Dimensions of the Main Door:
As per Vastu Shastra, the size of the main door should be bigger than that of any other door in the house. Moreover, avoid constructing three doors in a line and parallel to the main door as it is a Vastu defect and can cause sadness and sorrow in the house.

The material used to construct the main door as per its direction:
a)For main door facing eastwards, it should be made up of wood coupled with a minimum number of metal accessories.
b)For west facing doors, it is recommended to have doors equipped with some metal work.
c)For doors facing in the north direction, it is best to paint them with silver color.
d)For doors facing in the south direction, the doors should be made up of wood as well as metal.

Main door and its decoration:
Vastu believes that the entrance to the house is the key to bringing positive energy, happiness, wealth inside the house. Hence, the entrance should be clean and well maintained. The area around the main door should be free from any obstructions including trash bins, stools, and chairs. Always ensure that the entrance is well lit in the evening. Keeping a green plant near the main door ensures positivity. Vastu suggests constructing a marble or wooden threshold for the main door. The threshold is said to obstruct the flow of negative energy inside the house. You can also decorate the main door using Swastika, Om etc.

Vastu for the main door in a nutshell:
1.Always place a nameplate on the main door.
2.Plan the construction of the door in such a way that it opens 90 degrees and more importantly, without any obstacles.
3.Do not place a mirror in front of the main door.
4.It is considered auspicious to place a green plant in the entrance of the house.
5.The entrance and the door should be well lit with bright lights. However, avoid red lights in the entrance.
6.Make sure that the main door is intact and without any cracks and rusty hinges. Also, keep the door tidy by cleaning it regularly.

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