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  • Russel Cherrian & Shirin Lokhande
    Russel Cherrian & Shirin Lokhande MD, Aditya Infotech Ltd

    Design is a multi-dimensional field with a highly collaborative process. Making sure that the nuts and bolts of the design system do not fall off due to a crucial security system failure are home automation and security experts Russell Josef and Shirin Lokhande. Handling the complex jobs of project manager and assistant sales manager respectively, both Russell and Shirin make sure that every client that crosses the threshold of the renowned and diversified company Aditya InfoTech LTD, is given the most cutting-edge and appropriate security answers. They are mostly hidden from the end users but are intricately involved with guiding the clients. They use their technical and marketing skills to enrich small scale residential, as well as mega corporate, MNC, hospitality and bank and government projects with the most precise and tailored solutions.

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