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  • Gulbahar Taurani
    Gulbahar Taurani Appliances Expert

    Gulbahar Taurani, a veteran in the small appliances industry, has spent over 15 years across various roles in the sales and marketing domain. With a degree from IIM-L in Strategy for Leaders, Gulbahar is known to take unconventional decisions and proving them right. The latest feather in his cap is the creation of air fryer as a category in India, single-handedly in a span of less than 4 years. He has worked across different business verticals and specializes in figuring out creative solutions for otherwise difficult business situations. Gulbahar has also worked in various parts of India and has gained global exposure during his tenure. An entrepreneur at heart, his sharp business skills have been shaped by his years of running his own business before he decided to join the corporate bandwagon.

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