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Home Appliances 8 types of fans for residential use

8 types of fans for residential use
Anchor : Priya Arya
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A fan not only helps you keep your home cool during summers, it also expels warm air, maintains ventilation at your place and also removes any kind of poisonous gases or foul smell from the room. Appliances expert Jagjeet Singh, Usha International, lists the different types of fans and technologies incorporated in them.

1Ceiling fans:

As the name suggests these are suspended from the ceiling. The modern version offers the remote control option, making it easy to operate. Although it is difficult to clean ceiling fans, it is affordable compared to other options.

2Pedestal fans:

This is supported by a stand that is adjustable. It can circulate air to a wider area. If you choose a remote control pedestal fan, you can carry out necessary adjustments easily.

3Wall fans:

Available with tilt mechanism, wall fans have a synchronous motor for uniform oscillation. Remote control version is also available.

4Exhaust fans:

This takes care of the indoor quality of the house, prevents the growth of mold and aids to dry up moisture.

5Reversible motor fan:

This works both ways during winters and summers with their clockwise and anti-clockwise movements, giving cool air during summers and ensures the room remains warm during winters.

6Polypropylene capacitor fans:

Prevents over-heating and protects the house from fire. Also, these fans run for a long time as compared to the normal ones.

7Electric fans:

Available in various varieties and styles in the market, electric fans have same features as normal fans like base, blades, armature, lead wires and motors. Four blade electric fans’ cost is decided based on its component and material.

8Table fans:

These can easily rest on a desk, table or any flat surface. With advantages like convenience and mobile, table fans are easy to handle.


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