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Exteriors 7 ways to care for your swimming pool

7 ways to care for your swimming pool
Text: Priya Arya
Photograph: iStock

A swimming pool can be an important part of a house used for relaxation purpose or just exercise. It is important to care for your pool and ensure the quality of water is safe so that you do not suffer from health-related issues. Architect Mrunmayi Wadwekar gives simple tips on how to care for your pool.
  1. Due to continuous use, you may find debris deposited in the pool. Ensure that you use a skimmer to remove floating debris.
  2. To clean the edges and tiles of the pool, a scrubber with a long handle should be used. Another alternative is special vacuum cleaners called suction cleaners, which clean the water surface efficiently.
  3. Ensure that you have a good pump for proper circulation and filtration of water. The duration and cycles of the pump operation depend on the size of the pool, type of cleaning required and seasonal conditions.
  4. To remove debris that does not get dissolved in water, use a good filter. There are various types of filters available. Choose the one that suits your requirements.
  5. Chemicals are very important to maintain safe and clean water. Check your pool water regularly and adjust chemicals accordingly to ensure it is safe for swimming. The standard chlorine quantity in any pool should be 0.6-1 PPM (parts per million). 
  6. Make sure the pool is covered when it is not in use (winter) or you are away from home to prevent formation of algae. Empty the pool once a year.
  7. During monsoon rain water carrying pollen and other organic materials mix with pool water and creates ideal condition for bacteria and algae to grow. Shock chlorination is a technique which can help in removing such organic contaminants.Special chemicals such as algaecide can be added to water to prevent the formation of algae. This also helps in removing stubborn algae build-up. It is better to double the frequency of water treatments during monsoon season to ensure the safety of pool water.

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