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Vastu & Feng Shui 7 vastu tips for a perfect holiday home

7 vastu tips for a perfect holiday home
Text: Rashi Gaur
Photograph: Shutterstock

In an age of stressful lives that people lead, they need a getaway more than ever to refuel and re-ignite their energies. One of the best ways to do so is to have a home away from home, that is, a holiday home. It not only gives you a break from the hustle and bustle of city life but also tends to calm your mind and soul, and fixes the imbalanced energies within. Vastu and feng shui consultant Rashi Gaur lists a few feng shui tips to keep in mind to help you choose the right holiday home.

  1. The outside environment is the most important aspect because this is the place from where energy flows right in. A holiday home should generally be stationed amidst the hills or maybe a beach town. It could be a farmhouse away from the city. If it is in a mountain area, it is crucial to ensure that the mountains are behind you rather than facing the house in close proximity. When behind, they act as support and will always bring you luck in career. If it is not a mountainous area, the tall buildings behind you will work as modern-day mountains.
  2. If there are any water bodies such as a flowing lake or river, it is always auspicious to have them in the front rather than behind you. It should be supported by the mountain behind to let the energies flow in the front like the flow of water.
  3. Be careful of structures that are yin (negative) in nature. A hospital or a mortuary is not a good idea to have in the vicinity. Ensure there are no landfills and sewers or dirty water that tends to accumulate around you. It would eventually bring down the energies of the house.
  4. While choosing a land opt for something that is ideally facing east because the morning sun will bring with it healing energies, something that is definitely required by a city individual taking a break.
  5. Choose the shape of the land or plot wisely. Opt for square or rectangular shape. If it is a trapezium, ensure that the front is less broad than the back width. The smaller mouth and wider back is said to accumulate wealth. Totally disregard a triangular plot as it is a recipe for disaster.
  6. If the land has a slope, ensure that it slopes towards the front, more towards North East. If the land is sloping backwards, it will eventually bring problems and one would totally lack support in life.
  7. While building a house on your chosen land, the perfect position is a little off centre in such a way that the space in front is a little more than space behind. This assists in attracting good energies that tend to come and stay in the house. A house tucked away in any particular corner of the land is not a good idea.

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