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Vastu & Feng Shui 7 dos and don’ts for pictorial embellishments in a house

7 dos and don’ts for pictorial embellishments in a house
Anchor: Priya Arya
Photograph: iStock

We all hang portraits and pictures on our walls. But did you know these emit energy – both good and bad – depending on their content and placement. Expert Abhishek Shukla gives you simple dos and don’ts to help you do away with negativity connected to images.
  1. Avoid hanging war scenes or imagery that involves violence. This alters human behavior in a negative way.
  2. Images showing powerful predators depict wildness and bring a violent approach in the nature of people living in the house.
  3. Hang an image of big mountain or a heavy-looking picture on the walls to the South West.
  4. Family pictures can go on the East and South West direction of the house.
  5. If your child idolizes someone with good personal traits, keep their photograph in his/her room. This will serve as a great inspiration for your child.
  6. Water elements such as a lake or a river should go on the North East side, while waterfalls and natural scenery could go on the northwest side.
  7. Place the pictures of deceased family members on the South wall. This is considered as a blessing to the house.

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