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Exteriors 6 design tips to create a perfect garden walkway

6 design tips to create a perfect garden walkway
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Onal Kothari

Dream gardens are not something that can be created in a matter of days. It takes years of patience and dedication to create an oasis right before your doorstep. Architect Onal Kothari gives you easy steps to get you started.

1 Stepping stones

This is possibly the simplest solution. Stepping stones add a class and sense of beauty to a garden. To create one in your garden, all you have to do is trace a possible pathway and lay a small amount of flat pavers or stones in a row, about a step's distance apart.

2Brick pavers

Brick walkways involve more work so that you have an elegant and comfortable surface to walk on. It is a walkway constructed keeping in mind features like shape, size, level, creating a unique pattern that reflects the personality of the individual.


This is a subgroup of walkway not always resulting in creating a compulsive environment and a finishing beauty touch to the walkway contributing to enrichment of gardens. It is also an easy find.

4Concrete pavers

These are similar to brick walkways, but require less investment compared to brickwork. You can construct keeping your house microclimatic conditions in mind.

5Wooden planks

This is another easy alternative. Wood nowadays is more of a concrete example of what a modern bungalow would look like. Available for both DIY (Do It Yourself) people as well as BIY (Buy It Yourself) whom the variety in customization is to high magnitude, these wooden planks in a row often resembles with a tree house bridge only on a solid ground.


If you like a colourful ambiance, mosaic designing could be your best bet. For walkways wider than the regular ones, mosaics can be the first material for your walkway. Dirt, gravel or slight presence of moss in-between or naturally shaped stones saves the boring impression of extra-wide paths.

7Mix all up

If you have big garden space or more than a single garden included in the property, you can create a mix and match design for your garden. Like pebbles bringing the outlines, wooden planks or stepping stones as steps and small gravels cover the remaining walkway.


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