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Vastu & Feng Shui 14 vastu tips to welcome the New Year

14 vastu tips to welcome the New Year
Anchor: Priya Arya
Photograph: Shutterstock

The New Year comes with new expectations. Expert SK Mehta lists some basic vastu tips which may prove useful to attain your ambitions in the coming year. ​
  1. Keep your home as clean as possible. Get rid of any kind of garbage, rubbish, extra material which is of no use. Keep your mind positive and don’t allow any kind of negativity to enter your mind.
  2. Wear orange, yellow, pink, red or golden colour. Don't wear white or blue colour clothes because they might not be lucky.
  3. Make sure to cook a sweet dish on New Year. Serve the sweet dish to the God you worship and serve the same as prasada to all your family members. Blessings of elders will help in attaining success.
  4. Planting a tree on New Year is considered very lucky. If any plant is wilted, make sure to plant a new one immediately.
  5. The first day of the year is very important. Wake up early, open the windows of the North and East side, allow positive vibes to enter the house and control your anger and maintain peace.
  6. Note down your resolution and paste it on your work table or on the East wall in your room. Decide a timeline to achieve your goal and make sure to stay focused.
  7. Celebrate the New Year with simplicity and purity. Don't waste time in gambling, lottery, smoking, drinking or any other kind of addictions. If any family member is addicted to any such habit, get rid of the vastu doshas in the West direction and South West zone. The East direction should be open and clean as well.
  8. The main door is considered the mouth of the vastu, windows the eyes and centre is considered the stomach. Hence the main door should always be grand and attractive. Make swastika signs on both the sides of the main door. Never keep any material in the window and no heavy material in the centre of the house. This would make the New Year a good one.
  9. Praying to the earth and worshipping the sun while waking up is considered pure. Consider the water you drink and the food you eat as the prasada. Always worship and respect the nature and love everything you have and own at home. This helps in removing the negative effects of vaastu doshas at home.
  10. The New Year calendar should always be fixed on the eastern wall. Never fix this on the western wall or else you may have to face obstacles every now and then.
  11. If you are planning to buy a new car in the coming year, pay attention to the North direction and South East direction of the home. You can keep a little fountain, aquarium or a bowl full of water and flowers in this direction. The energy in the South East direction can also be increased by placing a photograph of trees, flowers or an actual potted plant in this direction.
  12. Make sure to have peace, coordination and love among the family members in the year. Place photographs of family elders in the East of the house. This will increase respect and love. If you have to place your entire family photograph, place it in the western direction of the house.
  13. Placing a fish aquarium or a metal turtle in the North of the home will help you achieve success in studies, career, business, etc. Keep the windows in the Northern direction open as much as possible to let in positive energy.
  14. Red wallpapers, photographs of tall buildings and towers in the drawing room will increase success and fame.

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