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Subdued reflection

Subdued reflection




Room Size: 12'0"x15'8"

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Products in this look


This simple bedroom speaks of the power of blue, sprinkled over the bedsheet, cushion and chair, vanity case... The space is kept simple and stylish with veneer-finish queen size bed and backrest in fabric finish. Classic elements like the bookshelf placed near the entertainment unit and study area makes for the perfect study corner. Veneer and fabric finish study chair gives a trim look to the space. The wardrobe with a mirror makes the bedroom look spacious. The combination of blue and white used in this bedroom gives a natural feel, giving the room a balanced look with minimal accessories in the form of a 3D vase. The space gently transforms itself into a beautiful setting to relax. Simple wallpaper and wooden flooring adds the understated grace of this bedroom.

How is a particular look price-tagged?? Does it include everything that is part of the look?
No, the price is an indicative cost based on the products displayed within a particular look. The actual price may vary, depending on the products purchased, the kind of contractor engaged and the other on-site work undertaken such as false ceiling, wall panelling, etc. We recommend you engage a professional interior designer to determine the actual cost.
How are these looks created?
All looks are created by our in-house team of qualified interior designers by selecting a combination of furniture and furnishing products from our partners. Our designers have also proposed several custom-made looks for those interested in getting tailor-made interiors involving extensive on-site work such as false ceiling, wall panelling, etc.
Do I need to hire an interior designer to get a custom-made look for my house?
Well, it’s entirely up to you! If you really like the looks created by our designers, you can simply contact the agencies and vendors listed in our post buying section, and get the look made for you on-site. Alternatively, if you have commissioned your work to a designer, you can also tweak one of our looks and get it made as per your liking. You will save a lot of precious time too.
How can ‘homeonline’ help me in getting the works done on site for custom-made look of my choice?
In many ways! You can always write to us for free design advice. Our designers & managers will understand your concerns and try their best to get you the home of your dreams. You can also refer to our post buying section wherein we have meticulously listed down interior designers, vendors, contractors and furnishing stores for you to get going.
DISCLAIMER does not endorse any home designs or products shown in the looks. The looks are created to provide design ideas to users on how to design their homes and an indicative cost to get this done. Homeonline will try to help users to get a contractor listed with them to help you provide the best quote for designing your home but is not liable and cannot be held responsible for cost and quality of the product and service purchased by the user.